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the-travelista-blogger-profile-imageJess Gibson a.k.a The Travelista is a jet-setting, fun-loving 20-something travel blogger. She is the girl behind The Travelista blog, which documents her many travel adventures, luxury hotel reviews and friendly blogging advice posts for prospective travel bloggers. By day, Jess works full time as a blogger and digital content executive for a British travel company. By night, she is busy growing The Travelista empire and working on freelance travel magazine features. By combining her personal and professional travels, Jess has built up a collection of funny, entertaining and inspiring travel stories that continues to grow. This year The Travelista was nominated to win Best Travel Blog at Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Cosmo Blog Awards. Follow The Travelista on Twitter @travelistajess  and check her blog out at www.thetravelista.net.